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Five Reasons Why Italian Men’s Shoes Are the Best in the World!

Five Reasons Why Italian Men’s Shoes Are the Best in the World!

Ciao! Are you a shoe lover? If so, there are no shoes on Earth like an Italian shoe. If you haven’t had the pleasure of wearing a pair yet, it’s not too late. Read on to learn about the top five reasons why Italian men’s shoes are considered to be the best in the world, so you can pick up your own pair and reap the style and comfort benefits!

  1. Traditional Methods

The Italians are considered to be old fashioned when making their shoes. However, thas is what makes their shoes truly great. Rather than using a machine to produce hundreds of shoes per hour, they utilize traditional tanning methods and sew each pair by hand! This is also why they are more expensive than most shoes on the market.

  1. Custom Made

Italian men’s shoes are usually custom made. They are available in any size and width, so you are guaranteed a great (even personalized) fit. Forget about taking days or even weeks to break in your shoes. In fact, Italian shoes are so comfortable and sturdy that some men say that wearing custom made shoes are better than going barefoot! 


  1. Promotes Healthy Feet

Because Italian shoes are made by hand and are made to order, you can be sure that you will notice a difference in the way you walk and how your feet feel after a long day wearing them at work or when out on the town. Quite simply put, good shoes mean good foot care.

  1. Long Lasting

If worried that you are breaking the bank when buying a pair of Italian shoes; don’t! You will never have to purchase a pair of shoes again for decades. Because these shoes are so skillfully and thoughtfully made, they can withstand every day wear and tear and will always be in style. Think of them as a total investment piece. You will actually save money in the long run because other kinds of shoes wear out much faster. Also, you can wear them for years because all Italian shoes strike the right balance between contemporary and classic design, making them evergreen.

  1. Quality Ingredients

Using the best leather is simply not enough for Italian footwear brands. With these companies, the sky is the limit. The quality of their raw materials is surpassed by none and they only use the finest calf leather possible.  Even the soles of their shoes are made from materials oak-bark leather and are often tanned by hand by the company, which can take quite a while. Most Italian shoe companies use maximum stitches per centimeter, ensuring that they achieve a very slim profile with the treads that they use.

Italian shoes are some of the finest products on Earth. Some of the names you may want to check out are, Mauri for exotic skin shoes, Jo Ghost shoes what the ultimate style and quality, Emilio Franco offers an fresh look at colors, and, of course Gucci as a staple. If these five reasons didn’t convince you to purchase a pair of your own, then you simply must try on a pair (good luck taking them off!).

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