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4 ways to care for your new pair of leather loafers

4 ways to care for your new pair of leather loafers

If you have recently purchased a pair of high end designer shoes you're likely to want these gorgeous shoes to last a long time. 

Here are 3 tricks to keep your new shoes in great shape for a long time.

1. Remove salt stains in a snap – If it snows where you live, chances are that you've encountered the ugly white ridges that appear on your shoes because of the salt that is used to keep ice off of the street. Mix white vinegar and water, and dab on sparingly using a soft cloth to remove these unsightly marks.

2. Take shelter from the storm – It is an unfortunate fact that a rainy day could wreak havoc on your leather shoes, if you don't act fast. As soon as you get home, stuff the shoes with newspaper to draw out moisture. Leave them like that for a few hours, and before they are completely dry, replace the newspaper with cedar shoe trees to reshape and freshen them.

3. Erase light scuff marks – If you wear your leather loafers regularly, chances are you end up with a scuff mark or two. Use a rubber pencil eraser to take these out. You'll be left with only flawless leather.

4. Cake care of the shoes with a High quality, leather polish such as Saphir. Search care products really do a great job in maintaining the integrity of all leather in addition to making them looking great.

These tips will help your new & loved last for years to come. But when you are ready for a new pair, make sure you get them from Dellamoda. The product of the brands we carry are not only fashionable, they are all super high-quality. We have a great selection of men's exotic skin shoes too, ready to keep you stylish no matter what you're up to.

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