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From Boat Shoes to Espadrilles: A Guide to Men's Summer Footwear 2023

From Boat Shoes to Espadrilles: A Guide to Men's Summer Footwear 2023

From Boat Shoes to Espadrilles: A Guide to Men's Summer Footwear 2023

With the heat of summer bearing down upon us, men must choose footwear that not only exudes style but also provides comfort. Whether it's for casual strolls around town or seaside retreats, the right summer footwear can elevate any outfit. In this article, we'll set out on a quest to look into the most recent developments in men’s summer footwear for 2023. Whether you desire a traditional nautical-inspired boat shoe or the fashionable allure of an espadrille, we will furnish you with the finest options for the approaching summer season. Relax and indulge in our all-encompassing guide to men's summer footwear for 2023.


Boat Shoes

Boat shoes, often referred to as deck shoes or topsiders, were originally designed for sailors and boaters but have now evolved into a fashionable casual summer footwear option for both men and women. They have a distinguishing moccasin-style design with stitched toe and side lacing.


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Features of Boat Shoes

Gone are the days when boat shoes were exclusively reserved for seafarers. Today, this versatile and fashionable footwear has transcended the docks and has become a ubiquitous choice for both genders seeking a casual yet refined look.

  • Lightweight: Boat shoes are often thin and flexible, making them cozy to wear for extended durations. They are a well-liked option for vacations and outdoor experiences because they are simple to pack and bring with you on journeys.
  • Comfort: Cushioned insoles and supple fabrics that gradually mold to your feet are features of boat shoes that were built with comfort in mind.
  • Materials that breathe: The upper portion of the shoe is frequently composed of canvas or leather, which breathes and allows air to move about the foot, keeping it cool and dry on hot summer days.
  • Versatility: Boat shoes are a versatile style with casual and dressier clothes, including shorts.
  • Durability: Boat shoes are a robust and long-lasting option for footwear because they are built using high-quality materials and craftsmanship.


  • Slip-resistant soles: Boat shoes are a terrific option for boating, fishing, or any activity near water as they have rubber bottoms that offer excellent traction on wet terrain.


Tips for Wearing Boat Shoes

Although boat shoes go with many different outfits, here are some styling suggestions:

  • Casual: Wear your boat shoes with shorts or rolled-up chinos and a polo shirt for a timeless casual style.
  • Dressier: Boat shoes can also be paired with dressier trousers like khakis or linen trousers and a button-up shirt for a more upscale appearance.
  • Socks/No Socks: Traditionally, boat shoes are worn without socks, but if you'd rather wear them, pick a low-cut or no-show model.



Espadrilles are the traditional summer shoe, with a characteristic design made of canvas or cotton fabric with a sole made of strong rope or jute. These footwear treasures are a superb choice for the casual clothing requirements of hot summers because of their renowned lightweight composition, ideal breathability, and unmatched comfort.


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Features of Espadrilles

  • Comfort: Espadrilles keep your feet cool and comfy even in hot weather as they are composed of breathable fabrics that let your feet breathe.
  • Design: Espadrilles are a practical and fashionable accent to any summer ensemble thanks to their vast selection of colors and patterns.
  • Flexibility: Espadrilles' flexibility makes them appropriate for a variety of settings, from casual outings to semi-formal parties.
  • Eco-friendly: A lot of espadrilles are produced using natural and sustainable materials, making them a good option for the earth.


Tips for Wearing Espadrilles

  • Informal Look: For a relaxed and easy summer outfit, wear your espadrilles with a pair of shorts and a T-shirt.
  • Semi-Formal Look: Dress up your espadrilles for a semi-formal style that's ideal for summer occasions by wearing them with a pair of chinos and a linen shirt.
  • Color Integration: To achieve a coordinated and fashionable image, match the color of your espadrilles with your clothing.
  • Accessories: To complete your summer style, add a straw hat or a pair of sunglasses to your attire.


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