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Price Match Policy

At Dellamoda, our utmost priority is to deliver an exceptional shopping experience to our valued customers. We are delighted to offer a comprehensive Price Match Policy to ensure you secure the finest products at the most competitive prices. Please acquaint yourself with the following guidelines and terms of our Price Match Policy:

**Eligibility Criteria:**

1. **Reputable Sellers Exclusively:** We are pleased to offer price matching solely for items available from well-established, reputable retailers. Please note that we do not entertain price matching for items from auction houses or individual sellers.

2. **Matching Product Specifications:** Price matching applies exclusively to items that precisely match the brand, model, size, color, and other specifications of the item listed on our store.

3. **Exclusions: No Flash Sales:** Kindly be aware that our Price Match Policy does not extend to items featured in flash sales, limited-time promotions, or clearance events. Eligible items must be offered at the regular, non-promotional price.

4. **Availability Clause:** For a price match request to be considered, the desired item must be in stock and readily purchasable from the competitor's store.

5. **Geographical Limitations:** Our price matching service is available for purchases made within the same country as the location of our Dellamoda store. Regrettably, we cannot match prices from international retailers.

**Procedure for Requesting a Price Match:**

1. **Pre-Purchase Formality:** If you uncover an eligible item at a competitor's store that adheres to all the aforementioned criteria, you may initiate a price match request by reaching out to our dedicated customer service team. Kindly furnish the following details:
- The name and web address (URL) of the competitor's store
- A clear and legible screenshot or link displaying the product, its price, and all pertinent specifications
- Your complete name, contact particulars, and your order number if an order has been previously placed with us

2. **Validation Process:** Our diligent customer service team will meticulously review the submitted information to ascertain the eligibility of the price match request. It is plausible that we may contact the competitor's store for verification purposes.

3. **Approval Protocol:** Once your price match request receives the green light, we will issue a unique discount code that mirrors the matched price. You may seamlessly employ this code during the checkout process.

**Supplementary Terms and Conditions:**

1. Our Price Match Policy is not combinable with other ongoing offers, promotions, or discounts, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

2. We reserve the prerogative to turn down any price match request if the competitor's item is out of stock, discontinued, or inaccessible for any valid reason.

3. The scope of price matching extends solely to the product price and does not encompass supplementary charges, including shipping fees, taxes, or any other ancillary costs.

4. Dellamoda reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of our Price Match Policy at any given point, sans prior notification. The terms and conditions effective at the time of your purchase shall govern the transaction.

Our Price Match Policy is meticulously designed to guarantee that you unlock unparalleled value for your investment, without compromising on the facets of quality and service. Should you require clarification or assistance, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team.

*Please bear in mind that Dellamoda retains the final authority to render determinations regarding price match requests, grounded in our exclusive discretion and evaluation of the information provided.*