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Backordered products are products unavailable for immediate shipping, however are available for reservation/pre-order. We proudly offer this service to provide our customers the widest variety of options at all times, including new collections and sold out items. Reserved products will ship as soon as they become available.

Our team will notify the client of this status once we have an ETA for the product's arrival or have confirmed the product will become available at a future date. We will provide an ETA as accurate as possible, please know these ARE ONLY ESTIMATES and are subject to changes.

There are no cancellations or changes that can be made on backordered products after the order has been confirmed by the client under any circumstances.

Once a backorder has been confirmed by the client the payment will be charged in full, or invoiced to the clients email for payment. Once paid, the product will be reserved. 

In the rare exception where a cancellation is deemed necessary by our team on any backorder, there will be a 10% cancellation fee applied to the refund. 

By confirming a backorder, the client is agreeing to adhere to our policies unconditionally.

Once the backordered product is received by the client they can then choose to return the item in accordance to our return policy.