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3 pairs of designer shoes your man should have

3 pairs of designer shoes your man should have

You may love your man, but let's face it, traditionally men don't have the same fashion sense as women. They mix and match patterns and colors that have nothing to do with each other, buy pants that don't fit, and don't even get us talking about their shoes. Guys simply don't understand that a nice pair of designer shoes can do wonders for a wardrobe. Unfortunately, you've probably noticed that your beau isn't that interested in spending the day shopping. He's got more important things to worry about like hanging out with his buddies, watching sports and sampling that new craft beer.

As his partner, you may want to lend him a helping hand when it comes to picking out stylish footwear. Here are some of our most popular options for men:

1) Magnanni Amdeo Mens Shoes Lace-Up Sneaker

Whether he's rocking them to dinner or out on the town with his friends, these shoes are the perfect choice. They are adorned with multi color leather which allows his to wear with different outfits, are hand made in Spain so you know they are the very best in quality.

2) Mezlan Mens Crocodile Chukka Boots

Mezlan Mens Crocodile Chukka Boots

Let your man release his inner rockstar. Where Else but Mezlan for an Outstanding Full Crocodile Chukka Boot for the new Season! Then, set it off with a Contrast Stitched Extended Welt and Matching Shoelaces, and you have a Highly Distinctive Work of Art! He can wear these for years to come and they will always look as gorgeous as the first day.


3) Ambrogio Fire Patina Leather Octavian Boots

If your partner needs a pair of cool boots that can be worn day after day, these are perfect. They're extremely stylish with a hints of Gold rust burgundy and yellow. The Goodyear Welted Construction make them superb in quality.  Even better they are fully customizable and you may customize them in different colors and materials he already loves. 

Maybe shopping for him is not that difficult :)

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