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The History of Shoemaking in Italy

The History of Shoemaking in Italy

The History of Shoemaking in Italy

history of shoe making in Italy

You may love looking at them, wearing them, and shopping for them; but when was the last time you stopped and thought about where Italian shoes truly came from? Obviously, you may answer Italy, but do you truly know the whole story behind the shoe? No! Read on to learn about the history of shoemaking in Italy and how these accessories have become a famous fashion staples in men and women’s wardrobes all around the world!

Shoemaking in Italy was a family affair. All shoes were handmade in a tiny shop, usually owned by one family and it was passed down from one generation to another. One person in this shop was considered to be the “go-to” creator that not only made all the shoes, but fixed them as well. They would measure the feet of men, women, and children, and could create a custom pair that fit them perfectly. This maker became known as the master and eventually passed on his one of a kind skill to his children and their children, keeping shoe making and repairing all in the family!

Materials also play a huge role in Italian shoes. Leather, the only ingredient used in these fine shoes is a thing of perfection and beauty. Stained and finished by hand, Italian leather is soft, shiny, smooth, and chic. And, if something works, you stick with it; which is precisely what the Italian’s did for thousands of years.

After World War Two, the Italian fashion scene took off and designers like GUCCI and Ferragamo were responsible for launching their designs and exposing their fine leather creations to other countries, who quickly wanted in on the goods! With such a high demand for these coveted creations, many shoe shops quickly began to adapt to the needs and wants of the consumers. Styles changed, but the high quality and superior craftsmanship remained the same.

Today, as we shop for a pair of Italian leather shoes, we know that their hefty price tag is fully justified. They are investment accessories and they last for years. They maintain their style and we know that they have been made by skillful hands and out of the finest materials the world has to offer!

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