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Oh, La La! Handmade Custon Exotic Leather Shoes

Oh, La La! Handmade Custon Exotic Leather Shoes

There is something magical, passionate, and to put it simply; perfect, about leather shoes. These exotic accessories have delighted men and women for years. If you don’t already have a pair of leather shoes, you should considering picking one up. Read on to learn about some kinds of shoes you’re sure to love and how you can work them into your wardrobe, for years to come!

Ambrogio Men's Brown Exotic Alligator Buckle Boots
Ambrogio Bespoke Men's Handmade Custom Shoes Brown Exotic Alligator Buckle Boots (AMB1805)

Such shoes (as above) are not mass produced like most American shoes are. Hours upon hours of assembly and craftsmanship go into each pair, making them perfect, posh, and polished.

When shopping for leather shoes, expect to pay a pretty penny, but keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Why buy a new pair of shoes each year when you can make one big splurge on a special pair that will last you decades?

Handmade exotic skin shoes are also designed like no other. They have a distinct look, color, texture, and many unique embellishments that make them one of a kind and stand out. Some top designers boast these creations in their seasonal lines, but among the best of the best are brands like AmbrogioMauri, Belvedere and Mezlan.

Men should consider picking up a pair to wear for their work week. Exotic leather shoes look luxurious with business suits and speak volumes when you walk into a business meeting dressed to the nines from head to toe.  They can also wear these special shoes to formal events of all sorts and even on special dates to impress their potential mates with their impeccable style!

Ambrogio Bespoke Men's Handmade Custom Shoes Black Exotic Alligator / Calf-Skin Leather Loafers


Women should considering picking up a pair of classic, stiletto heels to also add some class and style to their work week wear. An exotic pair of leather heels will also complement a number of casual or formal dresses, business suits, and can even be dressed down with a perfect pair of boot cut jeans and a casual knit or crisp button down blouse and cardigan.

Whether you purchase them for yourself or someone else, they are sure to delight and decorate your current wardrobe. They are the perfect pick me up that your wardrobe needs and will quickly become a go-to fashion staple in your closet!

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