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male makeover - how to up your guys style game

Male Makeover! How to Up Your Guy’s Style Game

You love him, you adore him, but you can’t stand his style! To him, dressing stylishly involves a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. Help him update his every day look by introducing him to some fine and trendy designer accessories! Read on to learn how to start your male makeover.

First, introduce him to Italian shoes. He’ll never want to step into his sneakers again! Italian shoes created by the world’s top designers and brands are like walking on a cloud. The fit is impeccable and so is the overall style and design. Only the best materials are used and hours of construction by hand go into making each piece of footwear a work of art. Pick up a classic pair of black or brown leather loafers that boast a simple design and shape. He can wear them to work, out on date night, and to other special events. This investment accessory can be worn for years to come and will be extremely durable.

Next, all men need a sexy pair of sunglasses. Check out a designer pair of metal aviators. They are the go to frame for men because they complement a variety of facial shapes and will always be in style. They look effortlessly cool when worn with a t and shorts, sporty with athletic gear, and sexy with a suit and tie.

Also, help him pick out a new tie to wear to work, out to dinner, or for a special event like a wedding, reunion, or family affair. Remind him that you like when he dresses up for you from time to time and by purchasing a sleek, designer tie; he’ll have more incentive to do so! While he may have a favorite tie to wear, introduce him to unique fabrics, prints, and patterns and show him how they can pair nicely with basic button down tops.

Finally, gift him with a shiny new designer watch. He may not like to wear many accessories to enhance his style, but at least this accessory is fully for function. Pick an oversized style that has a gold or silver finish that nicely off sets his wedding ring or complements his complexion.

Most men need a little guidance when it comes to looking in style, yet masculine. He’s sure to be open to a makeover when you walk him through the process. Simply follow the steps above to get him on his way from looking good to looking great!

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